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  • Limagrain Lines in Southern US

    April 23rd, 2014

    By Sheena Pitura

    Yuma wheat nurseryRecently, Ed Pensaert travelled to the Southern US to visit Limagrain. I was able to catch a few moments with him today, to talk about what he saw and learned on his trip.So Edwin, where did you travel?I headed down to Yuma, Arizona and then to...

  • What’s in a name?

    April 16th, 2014

    By Sheena Pitura

    As the Marketing Director at CANTERRA SEEDS, I have the responsibility of choosing the names for our varieties. This might sound like a bit of fun, but trust me, it's quite complicated. If you are a parent, think back to choosing the names for your children and...

  • Len Solick of Solick Seeds in his seed field of Canmore barley Starting in 2014, the CFIA has shifted to an Alternative Service Delivery (ASD) model, authorizing private companies to conduct seed crop inspections. The application process for seed certification is also changing. There has been a lot of talk and...

  • High-Quality Production in New Zealand

    April 03rd, 2014

    By Sheena Pitura

    Foothills of CanterburyThis winter, Rick Love, our Seed Production Coordinator, travelled to New Zealand to monitor our breeder seed production of a couple of new wheat varieties. I sat down with Rick today to get an account of his experience:So Rick, when and where did you travel?On January 3...