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  • Culture Shock

    June 26th, 2014

    By Sheena Pitura

    Companies often talk about the great 'corporate culture' in their organizations. All too often this is simply part of their corporate messaging, and doesn't actually ring true. This is NOT the case here at CANTERRA SEEDS. I am privileged to work with a dynamic, intelligent, fun, respectful and hardworking...

  • How to Choose the VB

    June 11th, 2014

    By Brent Derkatch

    Do you know that the VB behind varieties such as AC™ Conquer VB and Goodeve VB stands for varietal blend? This indicates to a farmer the seed he is buying contains 10% of a blended variety, which is a susceptible midge refuge. The refuge is very important to make sure...

  • Here I Go Again

    June 06th, 2014

    By Sheena Pitura

    Our R&PD team is hard at work, trying to finish up #plant14. For some reason when I watched this video some 80s rock came to mind. Seems appropriate.  Here I go again on my own Goin' down the only road I've ever known, Like a drifter...