Canola hybrid production is complex and requires the coordination of a number of key partners to ensure the level of quality we demand.  CANTERRA SEEDS oilseed production manager, Duane Ransome, tackles this role with enthusiasm and a constant eye to innovation.  Together with Brent Derkatch, Director of Operations and Business Development, they have a system in place second-to-none.  This video gives a snapshot into the annual work that happens in order to have bagged canola seed ready for seeding on thousands of Western Canadian farms every spring.


Getting the canola production is half the battle.  Next comes the testing, treating and packing, or what we know as 'manufacture' and distribtion processes.  Being informed and current with new developements and technology keep CANTERRA SEEDS canola seed the best quality seed on the market today. Check out Brent Derkatch in this next video talking about responsiveness to issues and CANTERRA SEEDS determination to keep innovating to keep ahead of the curve.


The treating, packing and palletizing is all automated.  Check out how this is done at Kletke Seed Farm, a key partner of CANTERRA SEEDS in this aspect of the business.