Variety acquisition innovation

CANTERRA SEEDS is unique in that it operates its own variety evaluation program across the Prairies.  Materials are evaluated from breeding partner programs from around the world to find the best products for Western Canada.  Increased investment in this work is key for to keep our portfolio strong, relevant and competitive.  Since 2007 the program has grown by over a factor of five, with more testing sites, more entries and more plots than ever before. 

Most recently, CANTERRA SEEDS has launched two new initiatives that will ensure the portfolio is populated with the best genetics available.  One of those initiatives involved the creation of a joint venture company with Limagrain.  Limagrain Cereals Research Canada commenced operations July 2, 2015 out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  While it might take a few years for the first variety to be registered and commercialized, this program will be fully engaged with Limagrain global wheat breeding team as well as with other breeding partners elsewhere.