Genuity Roundup Ready Hybrid
  • Genuity
  • DL Seeds
Excellent yields, broad adaptability and the best clubroot resistance available make CS2000 a "must have" hybrid
  • Competitive with all top hybrids currently on the market
    • 105% of 45H33
    • 102% of L252
  • Multigenic blackleg resistance - R - C,E1
  • Best available clubroot resistance
    • Resistant to existing pathotypes 2,3,5,6,8
    • Intermediate resistance to the new 5x pathotype

1. 2016 Field Scale Trials

2. 2015 Field Scale Trials


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Clarification on CS2000 Clubroot Claim

By Sheena Pitura on February 04th, 2015

Recently, CANTERRA SEEDS announced the release of CS2000, a new canola hybrid which independent, third-party, testing has shown to have an improved level of clubroot tolerance. In addition to resistance to the dominant 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 pathotypes, CS2000 has an intermediate level of reaction to the new 5x pathotype. The intermediate reaction...