A “Thank You” To Close Out 2020








This year has undoubtedly been a challenge, one that has been felt by all. In these times of uncertainty, we wanted to reach out and say thank you to each one of our supporters who helped us achieve some great things this calendar year!

With the help of generous plot cooperators throughout Western Canada, PRIDE Seeds was able to plant over 150 field scale corn and silage corn trials in the spring of 2020. In addition to our corn plots over 25 soybean demonstrations and field scale plots were planted in Manitoba! The shear number of these plots speaks to the amazing group of growers and trial cooperators we have across the prairies. We thank you and are a grateful for your efforts in helping drive our excellence and staying focused on performance. Without you we would not be where we are today!

For a closer look at all of our trial result in your area and from across Canada please visit or

PRIDE Seeds Silage Training – CCA Certification Opportunity

As a part of our ongoing efforts to help educate growers about PRIDE Seeds silage we have created an online education training module. This training module will help you optimize your customers’ silage crop from start to finish, starting with variety selection and agronomics and proceeding to harvest and storage management. Helping your customers maximize yield and quality potential is all part of the PRIDE Focus on Performance.

All individuals who complete the course will receive CCA credits. In addition to CCA credits ALL individuals who complete the course between December 1st to January 15th will be entered in to win a PRIDE Seeds PRIZE PACK.

The gift of 2020 from PRIDE Seeds to you all is our NEW hybrid: A4323 G2 RIB!

Formally known as XP20076G2 this new early season grain hybrid now commercially available and is a welcomed addition to our lineup. A4323 G2 RIB is going to give our growers more options in shorter growing seasons.

This new high performance VT2P hybrid for 2200 CHU maturity range stands with a medium/ tall plant structure. It possesses a consistent long slender ear size and has great dry-down to match.  A4323 G2 RIB is a great fit for anyone looking to grower grain corn in an early season zone

From everyone at PRIDE Seeds, we’d like to say thank you for your continued loyalty and faith in us. Put your feet up and have a well-deserved rest this Christmas and let every day of the holiday season be filled with joy.

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Alana Serhan, Market Development Agronomist (Western Prairies), started with PRIDE Seeds in 2017. Alana coordinates and maintains all corn and soybean field scale trials across Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. Alana’s role also includes testing new corn and soybean varieties to help growers understand agronomically what hybrids work best for them. Agronomics are at the forefront of Alana’s passion and she enjoys working with farmers to reach greater yields. On the ground Alana helps the CANTERRA SEEDS team with timely agronomic and variety training as well as capturing and summarizing field yield data.

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