How smoke from wild fires in Western Canada can impact pollination and silage quality.

It’s been a tough year for growers in the west — some crops are getting by rain to rain, and some are relying on soil moisture alone with the chance of rain being a hope. Drought can affect silage quality and yield, obviously, but how can smoke from wildfires affect the corn crop?

In a recent Real Agriculture Corn School episode, Sara Meidlinger, market development agronomist at PRIDE Seeds joins Kara Oosterhuis to discuss silage quality, pollination, smoke effects, and more.

Watch the episode below, or visit the Real Agriculture website to view the full story.

For more information, reach out to :

Sara Meidlinger
Market Development Agronomist
C:  519-917-2225

Be sure to tune into the RealAgriculture Corn School series where industry experts tackle every facet of corn growing season. 

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