Purchase one of the highest yielding canolas available – CS2300 Roundup Ready® canola – and save up to $40 per bag, or up to $65 with qualifying BayerValue™ rewards.

Offer ends January 31, 2020.

Calculate Your Rewards

Germinating Success Extended
BayerValue Maximum
Quantity Save
16 Bags
(~160 Acres)
$15/bag $10/bag - $25/bag
32 Bags
(~320 Acres)
$30/bag $10/bag - $40/bag
60 Bags
(~600 Acres)
$30/bag $10/bag $20/bag $60/bag
120 Bags
(~1200 Acres)
$30/bag $10/bag $25/bag $65/bag

To be eligible for the Extended Offer, you must sign up for Germinating Success™ and meet the minimum purchase requirements of 16 bags of CS2300 Roundup Ready® canola. Purchase more and watch your rewards grow.

Purchase a minimum of 32 bags of CS2300 Roundup Ready® canola and you qualify for rewards on other crops in our extensive seed portfolio, including corn, soybean and pedigreed seed. See this page for full details on the Germinating Success Rewards Program.

CS2300 Roundup Ready® canola is eligible for the BayerValue™ program. Ask your CANTERRA SEEDS retailer for full program details.

You can sign up at cropscience.bayer.ca/BayerValue. Registration deadline: May 1, 2020. BayerValue™ programs will be reconciled and paid by Bayer CropScience Inc.

Roundup Ready® Canola Hybrid


A Yield Powerhouse


Excellent Standability

2018 Yield Data

Yield: (BU/AC)
(vs average 53.3)
Strong legs and big bushels - a Roundup Ready® canola hybrid setting a new standard for yield and standability.
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