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Product Features

  • NEW introductory Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® variety
  • Ideally suited for the early to mid MG00 season zones broad acre placement as it has very good stress tolerance, an excellent disease package, and strong yield potential
  • Value added SCN and Phytophthora Rps 1k root rot protection
  • Provides tolerance to dicamba and glyphosate herbicides
  • Semi-Tolerant IDC rating

Monsanto Company is a member of Excellence Through Stewardship® (ETS). Monsanto products are commercialized in accordance with ETS Product Launch Stewardship Guidance, and in compliance with Monsanto’s Policy for Commercialization of Biotechnology-Derived Plant Products in Commodity Crops. These products have been approved for import into key export markets with functioning regulatory systems. Any crop or material produced from these products can only be exported to, or used, processed or sold in countries where all necessary regulatory approvals have been granted. It is a violation of national and international law to move material containing biotech traits across boundaries into nations where import is not permitted. Growers should talk to their grain handler or product purchaser to confirm their buying position for these products. Excellence Through Stewardship® is a registered trademark of Excellence Through Stewardship.

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans contain genes that confer tolerance to glyphosate and dicamba. Agricultural herbicides containing glyphosate will kill crops that are not tolerant to glyphosate, and those containing dicamba will kill crops that are not tolerant to dicamba. Contact your Monsanto dealer or call the Monsanto technical support line at 1-800-667-4944 for recommended Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System weed control programs. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and Roundup Ready® are registered trademarks of Bayer Group, Monsanto Canada ULC licensee. ©2017 Bayer Group.