A4939G2 RIB

  • PRIDE Seeds®
  • VT Double Pro
  • Roundup Ready® 2 Technology

Grain - Silage - Effective Dual Purpose (EDP); Grain Corn - 2300 CHU; Silage Corn - 2250-2375 CHU


Benchmark Track Record


Tremendous Yield


Consistent Performer

VT Double PRO RIB® Complete® high-performance dual-purpose hybrid with consistent girthy, semi-flex earl style.

VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® dual purpose hybrid with high starch for impressive milk/acre levels.

  • A focus hybrid that has a proven track record over multiple years
  • Tremendous yield potential across environments and populations
  • Great choice as dual purpose grain and silage hybrid usage
  • Consistent girthy ear style
  • Maintains plant integrity and attractive appearance through late season


  • Ideal balance of forage yield and energy content
  • Maximum starch yield with rock solid performance
  • Consistent top end tonnage punch with flex ears
  • An excellent dual purpose grain or silage hybrid choice for varying soil types
  • Very good nutritional grain quality, Outstanding health and agronomics
  • Good option for high quality silage with a high energy content and starch levels
Crop Heat Units (Grain)
Crop Heat Units (Silage)
Days to Maturity
Spring Vigour
Very Good
Stalk Strength
Very Good
Root Strength
Very Good
Test Weight
Very Good

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