Corn – Southern Alberta

Corn hybrids developed by PRIDE Seeds and distributed by CANTERRA SEEDS offer great maturity, traits and functional qualities for corn growers in Southern Alberta. 


  • Dual Purpose vs. Silage Specific

  • A4939G2 RIB - Grain

  • AS1017 - Silage

  • AS1027RR EDF - Silage

  • AS1047RR EDF - Silage

  • A4414RR - Dual Purpose

  • Understanding Aborted Kernels

  • EDF vs EDP Corn Hybrids

  • G-Series Hybrids

  • Fixed vs. Flex Rows

  • Importance of On-farm Trials



  • A4939G2_RIB_2020.pdf

    PDF file
    Published: November 4, 2019 | 643KB | Download

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