To generate mutual success through strategic partnerships that create the opportunities required to produce and sell top quality crop seed.


To be the seed partner of choice.

Core Values

1. Proudly Invested

  • In the livelihood and success of Canadian farmers.
  • in the well being and growth of our employees.
  • In delivering value to all those with whom we partner.

We are proudly invested in the betterment of everyone with whom we work, do business and service.

2. Operational Excellence 

  •  Achieved through productivity. 
  •  Achieved through calculated risk.
  •  Achieved though flexibility.

We strive for excellence of execution throughout all areas of our business.

3. Sustainable Success

  • For our business.
  • For our partners.
  • For our industry.

We believe mutual success can be achieved, both today and tomorrow.

4. Collaborative Partnerships

  • With those who share our vision of mutual success. 
  • With those who add optimal value to the solution.
  • With those who believe in a better way.

We understand that partnerships are greater than the sum of their parts and that collaboration is critical to mutual success.

5. Respectful Integrity

  • That honours honesty and humility.
  • That treats everyone as equals.
  • That understands our word is our bond.

We are committed to treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

6. Agricultural Evolution

  • Through opportunities that deliver value to all.
  • Through great products and exceptional performance.
  • Through innovative thinking and global connections.

We endeavour to be at the leading edge of changes in our industry.