AAC Connery

Canada Western Red Spring
  • UPOV 91 PBR
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AAC Connery

Short and sWeat.

Takes inputs and won't fall down - an awnless variety that combines big yields and early maturity with the benefits of short, strong straw and high protein.

Maturity Height Lodging FHB Stripe Rust Leaf Rust Stem Rust
E -12 VG MR R MR R
  • Broad adaption
  • Semi-dwarf stature - suitable for intensive management
  • Improved FHB rating
  • Holds its colour and grade
  • Awnless

“I grow 6,000 acres of AAC Connery CWRS wheat for its higher yield and protein. The exceptional standability of AAC Connery wheat speeds up harvest and my equipment operators have less stress running their combines. The nice red colour of AAC Connery wheat stands out and helps me market my wheat. ”
- Craig Sime; Sherwood Park, AB