AAC Prairie

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Malting - 2-Row Malting Barley

A new two-row malting barley with good yield potential, Quality profile similar to AC Metcalfe with very high enzyme activity suitable for mainstream brewing. Currently in market development stage.

AAC Prairie is a two-row malting barley with a malting profile similar to AC Metcalfe. It combines good yield potential with excellent grain quality.

  • Good yield potential (105% of AC Metcalfe, 102% of CDC Copeland and 97% of AAC Synergy)
  • Shorter straw and good lodging resistance
  • Good kernel weight and plumpness (similar to the checks)
  • Maturity within the range of checks
  • Moderately resistant to surface-borne smuts, stem rust and net-form net blotch
  • Intermediate resistant to spot-form net blotch
  • Lower peel and broken grains than all checks

AAC Prairie Seed Retailers

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