CDC GoldStar

  • UPOV 91 PBR

Malting - 2-row Malting Barley


Exclusive IP program


High yield potential


Excellent quality attributes

CDC GoldStar is a two-row malting barley that contains the LOXISTAR™ characteristic and is offered exclusively under an identity-preserved contract.

CDC GoldStar is the latest addition to the LOXless malting barley varieties offered by CANTERRA SEEDS. Due to this unique characteristic, these varieties offer an improved shelf life of the end product (beer). CDC GoldStar has a similar malting profile to CDC Copeland and is intended for craft malting.

  • Malt quality fit for all-malt craft brewing, with lower protein content and enzyme activity.
  • Exclusive to Sapporo Breweries in Japan with contracts offered by Prairie Malt.
  • High yield and good disease resistance package.

CDC GoldStar Seed Retailers

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