What’s New in the Field This Year - CANTERRA SEEDS Experimentals


CANTERRA SEEDS is excited to announce six new Experimental Canola Hybrids for 2023.

Experimentals or “EXP’s” as you’ll often hear them called, are hybrids that we are testing for potential commercialization. CANTERRA SEEDS works with various breeding partners to choose the perfect canola hybrid for our portfolio. Hybrids that we want to test out are placed into the demo strip trial program so that we (and you!) can see them live in action under “commercial” conditions – not only to compare against our current portfolio, but also against leading competitor varieties.  

While the canola hybrids are being tested in our trial programs, they continue to be tested in small plots with the plant breeding companies. This allows us to have a robust data set to make the right product decision! 

Here are details about the canola hybrids we're testing this year:

Name Herbicide Tolerance Clubroot Resistance Blackleg Resistance Straight Cut Rating*
CS EXP 23-1 LL R - Gen 1&2 R 7
CS EXP 23-2 LL R - Gen 1&2 R 7
CS EXP 23-3 LL R - Gen 1&2 R 7
CS EXP 23-4 TF R - Gen 1&2 R 6
CS EXP 23-5 TF R - Gen 1&2 R 7
CS EXP 23-6 CL R - Gen 1&2 R 6

We are excited to share that all six of the hybrids tested this year contain a “pod shatter” trait that gives it excellent pod-shatter tolerance in the field, with ratings of either 6 or higher on the Canola Council of Canada scale. Additionally, every EXP has 1st and 2nd generation clubroot resistance and blackleg resistance to offer you a complete disease package!  

*Straight Cut Ratings are based off 2022 breeder trial results, using the Canola Council of Canada Shatter Tolerance Scale for reference.  

Cereals and Pulses

CANTERRA SEEDS has recently announced the launch of 10 new Experimental Pedigreed Products for 2023. These products cover cereals, pulses, and specialty products. The EXP's are either new varieties that have been licensed recently but are yet to be named or candidate lines that are in their last year of registration trials with high potential to become varieties in the coming year. These new products are being added to the Success Sites lineup and will be introduced for the first time to seed growers, farmers, and the entire value chain, including processors and end-users.

The 2023 lineup includes the following products:

Name Crop Type Class Breeding Institution Top Feature
LAR18-04850 Spring Wheat CWRS Short, strong straw
LAR17-7773 Spring Wheat CWRS High yield and protein content
LAR19-23455 Spring Wheat CWRS High yield, sm1 carrier
TR20661 Two-row Barley Malting High yield, adjunct brewing
CDC6828-4 Lentils Small Red   High yield
CDC6956-6 Lentils Small Red   High yield
CDC5791-9 Field Pea Yellow   High yield
OT4017 White Oat Milling High yield, high beta-glucan
OT4018 White Oat Milling High yield, high beta-glucan
TriCal Surge Spring Triticale Silage/Grain High yield, forage quality

Join us on a tour in the field this summer to take a closer look at some of these EXP's and other CANTERRA SEEDS products. If you would like to schedule a tour, contact your local CANTERRA SEEDS Territory Manager.

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