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    When you are looking for your next malt barley, what are you looking for as a farmer in terms of agronomic performance, and as a marketer looking for malting and brewing opportunities? This is the question the team at CANTERRA SEEDS asks when we are bringing new malting barley varieties into our portfolio. Learn how AAC Connect leads our barley portfolio with attributes that work for Western Canadian farmers as well as maltsters and brewers.

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    CANTERRA SEEDS is thrilled to announce the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) has named AAC Connect among the next generation of high-performing malting barley varieties for Canada. The 2-row barley was recently added to CMBTC’s 2020-2021 Recommended Malting Varieties list under ‘Growing Demand’. In a release, the CMBTC said, “Up-and-coming varieties such as CDC Bow, AAC Connect and CDC Fraser are among the next generation of high-quality performers.”

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    This year, CANTERRA SEEDS will be brewing more connections in the craft beer industry. Back in 2018, our love of malting barley and tasty beers drove us to partner with Red Shed Malting and a few other contacts in the beer industry to create our first craft beer, Connect the Plots (see our blog post). After being enjoyed throughout the summer at fields tours and farm shows, we decided to continue our quest of seeing other AAC Connect-based beers come to fruition.

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    Read below for the recent release from the CMBTC WINNIPEG, November 29, 2018 – For immediate release The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) has released its annual list of malting barley varieties that hold the most promise for producers in terms of performance, quality and marketability. The 2019-20 Recommended Malting Barley Variety List includes varieties that have been pilot scale tested by the CMBTC and which exhibit good malting and brewing characteristics. The recommendations are also based on input from grain companies, domestic and international maltsters and brewers, grower associations and seed companies, says Peter Watts, Managing Director of the CMBTC.

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    As a seed company, CANTERRA SEEDS has a full portfolio of pedigreed varieties including cereals, pulses and special crops, in addition to corn, soybeans and canola. While we like to think of ourselves as a team, sometimes representatives from different parts of our portfolio differ in opinion on key items. Take for example this recent debate on the merits of corn vs. barley as a feed.

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