AAC Connect Named Next Generation Malting Barley Variety

CANTERRA SEEDS is thrilled to announce the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) has named AAC Connect among the next generation of high-performing malting barley varieties for Canada. The 2-row barley was recently added to CMBTC’s 2020-2021 Recommended Malting Varieties list under ‘Growing Demand’. In a release, the CMBTC said, “Up-and-coming varieties such as CDC Bow, AAC Connect and CDC Fraser are among the next generation of high-quality performers.”

AAC Connect is a 2-row malting barley variety from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Upon its commercial release, the positive results for both agronomic and malting performance had CANTERRA SEEDS very optimistic about AAC Connect's fit in the market. Market development efforts have been underway since 2016, and the CMBTC and other key industry stakeholders have played a critical role in this work. Domestic maltsters have also been testing the variety in their programs and their demand has grown each year, with contracts currently available across the prairies.

The market demand has also increased due to acceptance for the variety in China. Demand creation efforts in the country have been underway for the better part of two years, and there are now key Chinese customers who have AAC Connect on their approved variety list.

Uniquely, AAC Connect possesses both excellent malt and agronomic performance, so growers are not trading one for the other when choosing the variety. Growers have been very pleased with the agronomic benefits of AAC Connect, which exhibits greatly improved yield potential (111% of AC Metcalfe) and short, strong straw. The variety also boasts the highest available resistance to fusarium head blight, with an MR rating.

The combination of solid agronomic performance and the signal from the CMBTC of ‘Growing Demand’ for AAC Connect, has resulted in swift seed sales for the variety already this fall. CANTERRA SEEDS encourages growers interested in AAC Connect to contact their seed grower or retail partner to secure their order early. Click here to find the seed retailer nearest you.

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