Why AAC Connect is the variety to grow on your farm in 2022

Regardless of the crop type, we all look for the Easy Button when looking for a variety to grow on the farm. We want to make sure that we can say that it was a great choice at the end of the season and not regret it in the fall. More often than not, making that decision is no easy task.

What if we tell you that there is an actual Easy Button when it comes to malting barley. It is called AAC Connect, and you should order it right now if you haven’t already done so.

To convince you, we put together a handful and a half of reasons why you should grow AAC Connect this year to make things easier.

1. Order with the Easy Button

First, let’s address the Easy Button since we keep talking about it! It is called Agro.Club Canada and CANTERRA SEEDS is the first Canadian seed company to give you the option to place an order request from the comfort of your couch. Ordering AAC Connect is as easy as pushing a button. See for yourself here:

Order AAC Connect from your couch

2. Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre

The CMBTC recommends AAC Connect as one of the varieties with Established Demand in the industry. That is not a small feat, considering that two of the other three varieties in that category were developed at the time when Canada still had a $1,000 bill.

2022-23 CMBTC Recommended Malting Barley Variety List

3. AAC Connect Expected Demand from Malting Barley Variety Acceptance Committee

Maltsters have indicated that the demand for AAC Connect for 2022 & 2023 is higher than all the other new varieties, at 200,000 MT, due to its consistent quality profile.

Talk to our team if you want more details around this.

4. Disease Protection

AAC Connect offers the best FHB and DON protection in its class, and the best overall disease-resistance protection from the list of the varieties on the CMBTC recommended list.

5. 2021 Performance

Despite the challenging year we had in 2021, AAC Connect still showed among the highest plumper kernels of all malting varieties and proved reliable from start to finish.

CGC: Preliminary quality of western Canadian barley 2021-22

6. Yield Potential

It is a consistent yielder and the second-highest yielding variety in the CMBTC Established Demand category; better than both AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland.

AAC Connect Technical Bulletin

7. Farmer Satisfaction and Demand

Don’t take our word for it! We encourage you to talk to your fellow farmer or industry contact:

"AAC Connect two-row malting barley has the disease resistance and straw strength we look for to preserve malt quality. It’s the next level compared to the older varieties." - Gordon Moellenbeck, Englefeld SK

"AAC Connect is a high yielding malt barley variety with malt characteristics that make it a good fit for adjunct and all malt brewers. AAC Connect is moderately resistant to FHB which makes it an excellent addition to any maltsters portfolio. Prairie Malt will be steadily increasing its purchases of AAC Connect over the next few years in response to increasing demand from brewers and distillers for AAC Connect. Please contact Prairie Malt for more information about production contracts for AAC Connect barley in 2022." - Drew Sharp, N.A. Regional Agriculture Manager at Boortmalt

 If that did not convince you, we are always a phone call away to discuss.

So, do not be a stranger. Let’s “Connect” over this ordering season.

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