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Announcing our new TruFlex Hybrid

CS2600 CR-T

Today, CANTERRA SEEDS is announcing plans to launch a TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® Technology hybrid to the market for the 2019 growing season.

The TruFlex™ trait is the newest canola trait from Monsanto and is designed for a broad range of growing conditions. Monsanto lists the benefits to growers as: improved control of tough weeds, flexibility in spray rates and timing, and higher yield potential through genetics and improved crop safety, all as compared to Monsanto’s current technology.

CS2600 CR-T is the new TruFlex™ canola hybrid from CANTERRA SEEDS. In addition to the TruFlex™ canola trait, this multi-benefit hybrid offers unique clubroot resistance and straight-cut potential, combined with above average yields. With its early maturity, CS2600 CR-T should be an excellent fit in clubroot and shorter season growing zones.

“The new CS2600 CR-T is a unique offer within our portfolio,” said Shaan Tsai, Canola Product Development Manager for CANTERRA SEEDS. “Growers looking to try TruFlex™ canola have an excellent option in CANTERRA SEEDS, in a hybrid that combines many of the features they are looking for.”

CS2600 CR-T is included in a range of stewarded trials this summer, but is not yet available for commercial sale. CANTERRA SEEDS will not release any Truflex™ canola product to the market until Chinese import approval has been granted for the TruFlex™ trait. Monsanto has previously stated they believe this approval should come in the first quarter of 2019.


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