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Clearfield Contracts for CANTERRA SEEDS Canola

CANTERRA SEEDS is excited to announce we have expanded our Clearfield® contracting opportunities for the upcoming season.

CS2500 CL and CS2200 CL can be contracted at Bunge and Viterra locations.

Learn more about these hybrids here - CS2500 CL, CS2200 CL

NEW! Viterra - Clearfield® Canola Production Contracts

  • Free On-Farm pickup
  • Five delivery windows to choose from. Delivery is secured by a Grain Purchase Agreement (GPA)
  • Market leading pricing - contact for full details
  • Act of God clause
  • Contact your local Viterra location for premium information (click for contact list MB, SK, AB)
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Bunge Harrowby - Clearfield® Production Contract

  • $35.00/MT Non GMO Premium over Bunge Harrowby Canola Basis
    • Additional $5.00/MT Acreage Bonus when contracting 640 or more acres
  • Growers must select a minimum of two delivery periods
    • Based on 35 BU/acre (0.8 MT/acre) production
  • Maximum 50% delivery September 2019 – January 2020
  • 35 BU/ac by Aug. 31, 2020 guaranteed movement
  • Act of God clause
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To sign a contract please contact your local Viterra location (click for contact list MB, SK, AB) or Bunge Harrowby directly at 1-800-665-0499.

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