CANTERRA SEEDS’ 2024 Canola Trial Program: Powered by Partners

CANTERRA SEEDS makes considerable investment in canola trialling, to ensure that we are bringing the right products to Western Canadian farmers.

CANTERRA SEEDS' extensive trial program is made possible by the hard work and dedication of our retail and farmer partners. In 2024, we have over 100 independently-run strip trials across Western Canada, which will allow us to evaluate and fine-tune our canola portfolio for optimal performance and fit in your local geography.

Strip trials feature not only our current portfolio products, but also our “EXP’s” or experimentals. These are canola hybrids that are being evaluated for potential acquisition into our portfolio. Having a wide range of geographies represented in our trial program is integral in making the best decision possible for new product advancement. Strip trials run by our partners are conducted at the same time as the plant breeding companies are conducting and analyzing their replicated small- and medium-sized plot trials allowing us to have a very wide range of data to work with at decision time.  

A key aspect of trialling is comparing our canola hybrids to competitor products on the market so that we can see how we stack up against others. This provides a benchmark against which to compare, trialling versus well-known canola hybrids and learning where we have wins and identifying areas for improvement.

Our 2024 trials include our current portfolio and our EXP line-up, featuring five LibertyLink products being evaluated for potential acquisition for the 2025 growing season. Our new TruFlex canola hybrid, CS3300 TF, is also featured extensively in trials and side-by-sides this season.

In addition to providing valuable data for decision-making, strip trials also allow our team to showcase our portfolio during tour season. To get a look at our current and up-and-coming products, reach out to your CANTERRA SEEDS Territory Manager today to check out our canola in your backyard! 

Performance results await! Check back HERE come harvest time! We transparently share all outcomes—whether a win, loss, or draw—so you can make informed decisions for your farm.

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