What to Expect from CS4000 LL* - New LibertyLink® Canola Hybrid is a Winner

CANTERRA SEEDS is thrilled to have a LibertyLink® canola hybrid to offer to farmers in Western Canada. With four trait systems in our portfolio, CANTERRA SEEDS is now able to provide the right herbicide-tolerant trait fit for your rotation. 

Strong Agronomic Package 

CS4000 LL* not only provides your farm with an additional herbicide tolerance trait choice within the CANTERRA SEEDS portfolio, but has the yield and agronomic package to back up your decision to grow this hybrid.  

  • Mid-maturing hybrid – good fit for all growing zones  
  • Straight-cut – for harvest flexibility 
  • Very good standability – resistance against lodging in this medium-tall stature plant 
  • Clubroot resistant – 1st generation clubroot resistance, providing resistance to pathotypes 2F, 3H, 5I, 6M, and 8N 
  • Blackleg resistant – multigenic, strong R resistance to blackleg 

Exceptional Yields 

This new hybrid is a strong yielder, proving itself in trials against top-yielding hybrids across Western Canada in the summer of 2020. 

In 11 independent trials planted across the Prairies, CS4000 LL averaged 101.3% of InVigor® L233P’s yield, winning 55% of the head-to-head trials. 

CS4000 LL was also put head-to-head against InVigor® L345PC, holding its own in 18 trials. CS4000 LL averaged 101.8% of L345PC and won 44% of the trials.  

Want to see more? 

Check out the yield data for yourself here > 

Quantities are limited, but yield is not. Talk to your local CANTERRA SEEDS Territory Manager about how to get this on your farm, or order online at Agro.Club now!

*Pending registration

Courtney Welch joined CANTERRA SEEDS in November 2020, as Canola Product Manager. Prior to CANTERRA SEEDS, she spent several years as an Agronomic Research Specialist with Monsanto/Bayer, working with their soybean, canola and corn breeding programs. Courtney has a B.Sc. degree in Plant Biotechnology from the University of Manitoba.

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