Bunnyhug vs. Hoodie

The snow is starting to melt! It’s perfect hoodie wearing season!! Yes… hoodie, not bunnyhug, not pullover or jumper, poncho or kangaroo jacket… It’s a HOODIE!

Before I get into the specifics of what this garment is called, let me tell you about our contest! A few lucky winners will receive a CANTERRA SEEDS hoodie - just fill out the form below with your contact information and size of sweatshirt before April 15, 2019.


We'll contact the winners by email, and this beauty 👆 will be shipped to your door just in time for spring. (And yes, special preference will be given to those who side with me on the #HoodieVsBunnyhug debate 😉).

For what everyone else in Canada calls a hoodie, the people of Saskatchewan call the no-zipper, front pocket, hooded sweatshirt a bunnyhug! OK, there's no bunny and there is no hugging - have you ever tried to hug a bunny? They are horrible huggers! The hood is quite arguably the best and most differentiating part, and is simply best described as a hoodie.

While there is no consensus for where the term bunnyhug came from, here are some theories:

  • A century ago, there was a bunny overpopulation in Saskatchewan and locals turned the pelts into something that loosely resembled a hoodie today.
  • Back in the 16th century, muffs were designed and lined with bunny fur. The muff would be positioned in the front of a person’s waist, similar to the front pocket of a hoodie today.
  • The name is rooted in dance. The Bunny Hug (not to be confused with the Bunny Hop) was a ‘provocative’ dance popularized in the early 1900’s.

But a good friend of mine, @Lauren_Wenz, once explained it best... it’s called a bunnyhug because the inside fleece is soft like a bunny and wraps around you like a hug. And that is something I can maybe get behind. Overall you have to admire Saskatchewanians, when they stand for something they are all in (insert Roughrider phenomenon reference here).

Whatever you call the hooded sweatshirt, make sure you sign up before April 15th for a chance to win one.

The contest is now closed! Thanks for participating.

Join me next time where I will tackle the dinner vs. supper debate followed by round two of the Cozy vs. Koozie dispute.

Happy Spring Everyone!

- Renee

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