CANTERRA SEEDS Launches Online “Secure Supply” Service for Bulk Certified Seed

With tight seed supplies expected across Western Canada, farmers can now place an order request for Certified wheat, barley, oat and yellow pea seed with their nearest CANTERRA SEEDS seed supplier.

Requests to “secure supply” can be placed at and CANTERRA SEEDS will match the request with the nearest suppliers. The Certified seed suppliers who receive the request will follow up and complete the order with the farmer.

“We anticipate a challenging year in matching seed supply to farmer customers and have been working hard to make it as easy as possible, as early as possible,” says Brent Derkatch, Director, Pedigreed Seed Business Unit at CANTERRA SEEDS.

“Building on the success we’ve had in the past year with canola and corn seed ordering online, we are very excited about offering this new option to match farmers wanting to purchase Certified seed with suppliers that have seed to sell, and hopefully take a little work off the plate for both,” Derkatch says.

CANTERRA SEEDS is offering the service through Agro.Club Canada, an online platform they have been using for canola and corn orders.

“Having our top performing cereal and pulse varieties available alongside our canola and corn on Agro.Club Canada really delivers a one-stop shopping experience for farmers,” says Derkatch. “This service gives them the ability to secure their canola or corn seed from their local retailer and their Certified seed from their local Certified seed supplier at the same time on one platform.”

The service will be offered at no cost to the farmer or seed supplier and the final sales transaction will be handled between the two parties. There is no obligation to buy when using the service.

"I can appreciate the convenience of a tool like this, as a farmer and a CANTERRA SEEDS seed grower," says Nick Petruic, who farms near Avonlea, Sask. "For farmers to put in a request and have CANTERRA SEEDS do all of the legwork to match that order to a seed grower with inventory will take a lot of stress out of sourcing seed this year."

Derkatch says the company will do their best to help the farmer secure seed, even if the source is further away from where they might normally purchase.

“We expect supplies to be tight this year, so we really want to do everything we can to get Certified seed to the farmers that want it,” he says. “If that means we have to look a little farther to make a match then that’s what we’ll do. And then we’ll do everything we can to make sure the match works out.”

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