Englefeld Farmer Wins $5,000 Grow Your Community Prize!

Earlier this year, CANTERRA SEEDS and ADAMA Canada held a “Grow Your Community” contest, for farmers who attended summer Success Tours across Western Canada. Gordon Moellenbeck from Englefeld, Saskatchewan is the winner of this inaugural contest, winning a total of $5,000 to give to a charity of his choice.

Gordon has decided that he will be forwarding his winnings to the local Englefeld Volunteer Fire Department.

“It’s something everyone needs – not only in the town of Englefeld, but also for rural services,” says Gordon.

The Englefeld Fire Department was recently broken into and some of the items stolen where fire coveralls and some tools. The plan is to use the prize money to replace some of those items as well purchase some new hoses.

CANTERRA SEEDS and ADAMA Canada are pleased that they can help the small Saskatchewan village and surrounding area protect their community in a time of need.

“Rural services, like fire departments, community centres and libraries are very dependent on local community members to upkeep. These services are often underfunded, so I felt like Santa Clause this year, providing the Grow Your Community prize money to a very worthy cause,” mentions Bret Gaetz, CANTERRA SEEDS Northeastern Saskatchewan Territory Manager.

To learn more about the Grow Your Community initiative, read our blog post: What Difference Can $5,000 Make to Your Community? or visit

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