Fall Glyphosate Application

This article is brought to you by Keep it Clean!

Protect your investments and help to maintain market access for all by carefully planning and managing pre-harvest glyphosate applications.

Glyphosate is registered for pre-harvest perennial weed control and is not to be used as a desiccant; improper use can leave residues that exceed maximum allowable limits.

When using glyphosate to control weeds pre-harvest, protect your investment and marketability of your crop by following these Keep it Clean! guidelines:

  • Wait until the least mature areas of the crop reach a seed moisture level of less than 30 per cent or less before applying glyphosate. Applying too soon can cause unacceptable residues.
  • Stick to the recommended pre-harvest interval (PHI), which is the wait time between a product application and when the crop can be harvested. PHI can be found on the product's label.
  • Do not apply glyphosate to malt barley. It will not be accepted if treated.
  • Check with your grain buyer before applying pre-harvest glyphosate to oats.

By using glyphosate correctly, you can help to ensure the quality and safety of Canadian canola, cereals and pulse crops, and keep markets open for all.

Learn more and see visual examples of various crops at the correct stage for fall glyphosate application at Working together, we can keep this valuable product available for years to come.

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