My Top Five Reasons to Work At CANTERRA SEEDS

Last week I received a call asking me to write a blog about what it’s like to be part of the CANTERRA SEEDS family. I am more than happy to share my experience with you!

I was attracted to the CANTERRA SEEDS for many reasons but here are my top five:

  1. Culture – we are a “team” in every sense of the word and genuinely care about our each other both professionally and personally. We are “brothers and sisters” – we are family. I love the grassroots story of how CANTERRA SEEDS was started almost 20 years ago by a visionary group of 9 pedigreed seed growers who wanted access to global genetics. Today we have 175 Seed Grower shareholders and our CANTERRA SEEDS family extends to our investors, breeding partners, end users, distributors and retailers. That is team!
  2. People – so it didn’t hurt that I had previously worked together with a few members of the CANTERRA SEEDS family and I truly enjoy them (Duane Ransome and Rick Love)! Looking around, I quickly realized I was surrounded by a great team that is knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced. Adding it up, we have over 500 years of agribusiness experience amongst our team of 27. That is powerful!
  3. Size – a small to mid-sized company was attractive to me as I knew I would be empowered to make quick business decisions and we would not get bogged down in bureaucracy as so many larger companies do. With a head office in Winnipeg (not somewhere in Europe) and an extremely competent team in the field we are in touch with the needs of Western Canadian growers. I like being nimble and empowered to act!
  4. Products – prior to joining CANTERRA SEEDS I really didn’t know much about our canola or pedigreed seed product line up. After doing some research and reviewing the Alberta Yield magazine, the agronomist in me quickly realized, “hey, these guys have some great varieties that I can really stand behind.” Since I’ve started we’ve launched three new canola varieties and also have eight new wheat, barley, flax, pea and canary seed varieties hitting the market. We’ve also entered into the corn and soybean business through our partner PRIDE Seeds. Exciting times!
  5. Strategic Vision & Focus – As I learned more about CANTERRA SEEDS I quickly realized this is a company that will continue to grow and expand for the benefit of Western Canadian growers. We are a passionate group with clear direction and single focus on seed. Over the last few months we’ve attracted a major investment by Limagrain and had several announcements in cereal research and development that will advance genetics that work here in Western Canada. That is progress!

Throughout my 25-year agribusiness career I have remained passionate about helping Canadian agribusiness compete and thrive in the global marketplace. I am honoured to have found a home with my CANTERRA SEEDS family as I feel our team shares this passion and dedication and is committed to meeting the business needs of our extended CANTERRA SEEDS family.

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