Praise for Federal Ag Announcement

David Hansen, President and CEO of CANTERRA SEEDS, today praised the Government of Canada for introducing legislation to bring the country in line with international plant breeders' rights standards.

"This is big news for Canadian farmers. This is going to mean more innovation, improved seed genetics and a broader selection of varieties for producers," Hansen said.

The Agriculture Growth Act (Bill C-18) includes measures to bring Canada into line with UPOV '91, an international treaty that protects the commercial rights of plant researchers and marketers while also securing the traditional rights of farmers.

"Until now, some foreign breeders were reluctant to test their genetics in Canada, since they weren't sure their rights would be protected. This legislation will clear that up, and will encourage a new era of investment in our industry."

Hansen stated that the bottom line is to provide better genetics for farmers and end-users.

"Our business is to find and market seed varieties that help farmers make more money. This legislation will help us do that job more effectively. "

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