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Wheat Standability in the Snow

Last week the Peace Region received an early dump of snow. Much of the crop is still in the field to be harvested.

Amidst the snow, an interesting result that was observed by Jesse Meyer, our Peace Region Territory Manager, was the standability of AAC Connery.

Compared to the other varieties on his farm, AAC Connery stood up the best, and was largely unaffected by the snow. This will allow farmers to get back in the field sooner, and will also help with grade retention.

AAC Connery on Jesse's family farm

Connery on the farm

AAC Connery vs. Stettler 

Connery vs Stettler-256325-edited

AAC Connery vs. Coleman 

Connery beside Coleman 2.0-297096-edited


Superb on the Farm

In the fall of 2016, much of Alberta faced a harvest-stopping snowstorm. A lot of crop was left in the field, and as a result, quality was hit hard.

This trial result is from that fall. It not only shows the good yield of AAC Connery, it clearly shows the grade retention the variety experienced.

Parkland Fertilizers Trial - 2016
Rix Farms
Wetaskiwin, AB

Variety Yield (bu/ac) Protein (%) CGC Grade
AAC Connery 84.4 14.9 3 CW
AAC Brandon 84.1 13.8 Feed
AC Muchmore 83.2 13.6 Feed

This trial was harvested after the snow storm. The farmer had the varieties graded and the only one that kept the milling grade was AAC Connery. Also, note the significant protein advantage (+1.1 to 1.3 %) over the competing varieties.


We never want to see early season snowstorms, but when they happen, it's good to know AAC Connery will stand up and retain its quality for growers.

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