CANTERRA SEEDS knows one of our strongest assets is our team of bright, energetic and experienced professionals. We are proud of our open, creative, fun and cohesive working environment. CANTERRA SEEDS believes in empowering our team members and encouraging their input to enrich the organization. To foster a collaborative way of business, team building activities and regular company-wide communications are held. 

At CANTERRA SEEDS we recognize that by working together as a team we all succeed.

Training and Development

At CANTERRA SEEDS we are committed to providing team members with the training and development they need to reach their own personal goals. Individual team members get the opportunity to determine what training best suits their needs and wants. To ensure team members take advantage of the opportunity, part of their annual bonus is based on completion of training. 

Employee Compensation 

At CANTERRA SEEDS our salaries are competitive and reflect both the market conditions and the level of skills and experience needed to help ensure we thrive. Individual contributions are recognized and rewarded through performance-related pay and bonuses. Employees also benefit from the financial success of the company through profit sharing.

Benefit Program

We offer an extensive range of health and wellness benefits as well as life insurance and sponsored DPSP matching plans.

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