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CS2300 IN THE 2017 Canola Performance Trial (CPT)

The Canola Performance Trials (CPT) are run by the Canola Council of Canada, with support funding from the three provinical canola grower groups. They aim to provide unbiased performance data that reflects actual production practices, and comparative data on leading varieties and newly introduced varieties.

What do the 2017 CPT results say?

These results confirm what we have already learned from the 201CANTERRA SEEDS Field Scale trials – our new hybrid, CS2300, is a consistent high yielder. Whether we look at Field scale or small plot, CANTERRA SEEDS or 3rd party data – CS2300 is out yielding the top hybrids from all the major seed brands.

2017 CPT Result Highlights:

CS2300 vs Dekalb’s 74-44 BL

111% of 74-44 overall

CS2300 vs PHI’s 45H33

103% of 45H33 in the Long and Mid Season Zones

CS2300 vs Invigor

103% of 5440 in the Mid Season Zone

CS2300 vs Brett Young’s 6074 RR

105% of 6074 in the Long Season Zone, 104% of 6074 in the Mid-Season zone

MSZ CPT 2017 circle-1.jpg

You can review the full set of results at

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