Reducing Shatter with PodProtectTM from CANTERRA SEEDS

Canola farming is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to achieve optimal yield. One challenge faced by canola farmers is the issue of pod shatter, which can lead to significant yield loss. With advancements in seed technology, there are now innovative solutions available to help mitigate this problem. That’s where CANTERRA SEEDS’ PodProtectTM trait comes in.

Understanding Pod Shatter in Canola

Pod shatter refers to the natural process by which canola pods split open, dispersing the seeds and making them vulnerable to yield loss. This can occur due to environmental factors such as wind, rain or mechanical impact. The severity of pod shatter varies depending on the canola hybrid, environmental conditions and the stage of maturity.

To address this issue, some of our new canola hybrids have a trait characteristic that we have termed PodProtect, to reduce shatter losses. Hybrids with PodProtect help provide additional protection against shattering in the field, minimizing yield loss and improving overall crop yield potential.

Introducing PodProtectTM

CANTERRA SEEDS canola hybrids labelled with PodProtect are rated seven or higher on the Canola Council shatter rating scale. This means that these hybrids have increased resistance to pod shatter, even under more challenging field conditions.

CANTERRA SEEDS currently offers CS3100 TF as its flagship PodProtect canola hybrid. This high-yielding, full-maturity TruFlex® canola hybrid provides exceptional shatter resistance, making it ideal for farmers looking to maximize their yield potential and reduce the risk of crop loss.

In addition to CS3100 TF, CANTERRA SEEDS is constantly evaluating and developing new canola hybrids with the PodProtect trait. Keep an eye out for new options coming soon!

Tips for Successful Harvesting with PodProtectTM Canola

To optimize yield, reduce shatter loss and ensure quality when harvesting PodProtect canola hybrids, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Timing of Harvest: Harvest should take place when the canola pods have dried down to a moisture content of 10 percent or less and green seed is under two percent. This ensures that the crop is at its optimal maturity, resulting in higher quality seed while also minimizing the risk of shatter loss.
  2. Crop Establishment: A canola crop that has a good table-top (slight lean at pod height) appearance and is well knit together will be less prone to shatter losses. Pod integrity is also improved if there is less incidence of hail, disease and/or insect pressure.
  3. Combine Settings and Maintenance: Using the right combine settings, speed and ensuring good condition and alignment throughout the combine will also prevent losses at harvest time. More information about combine settings can be found on the Canola Council of Canada website.

The Power of PodProtectTM

PodProtect is a game-changing trait that offers canola farmers another tool to maximum yield and reduce shatter loss. By incorporating PodProtect canola hybrids into their farming practices, farmers can benefit from enhanced shatter resistance and feel confident straight cutting their canola.

Look for our Yield Stamp!

CANTERRA SEEDS’ canola hybrids offer the traits you want and genetics you need. Look for these Yield Stamps, including PodProtect, to identify canola hybrids that provide extra protection to maximize your canola yield.

View CANTERRA SEEDS' canola hybrid options here.

Please note that PodProtectTM canola hybrids are subject to availability and regional suitability. For more information on specific hybrids and availability in your area, consult your local CANTERRA SEEDS Territory Manager.

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