Naicam Community Celebrates After Rooted in the Prairies Project Donation

Many small-town children form their strongest friendships through sports. Whether by playing or watching - the seeds of their relationships sprout from their shared passion for a game.

Lynnell Pomedli of Seed Source Inc. has witnessed these relationships develop continuously over the years as the skating instructor for the community of Naicam, Saskatchewan.

“Having sports and activities for kids makes me hopeful that our inviting community and small-town atmosphere will be around in the future,” says Pomedli. “These future community members use sports to build their personal foundation blocks to work as a team and face challenges to overcome them.”

Naicam Minor Sports is an organization that strives to provide affordable and positive experiences through baseball and hockey for all youth, no matter their financial background. However, it's no secret that sports programs have costs that need to be covered, either through registration fees which can put sports out of reach for some, or through other means.

“It takes tremendous time and fundraising to even have affordable sports for kids,” says Pomedli. “This organization gives kids the opportunity to grow as individuals, build confidence and challenge themselves to achieve something that was once impossible.”

As a board member for Naicam Minor Sports, Pomedli knew the hockey nets were in need of replacement and nominated the organization to receive $2,500 from the Rooted in the Prairies Project for new ones.

“These types of donations to small towns really help,” says Pomedli. “It brings great opportunities to smaller communities for programs that will keep the doors open and give kids the ability to partake in sports.”

CANTERRA SEEDS’ Rooted in the Prairies Project supports local non-profit organizations nominated by the agriculture community across Western Canada. Now in its second year, the project has more than doubled its investment with seventeen worthy causes across the Prairies selected for assistance this year.

All winners from the Rooted in the Prairies Project will be featured in coming weeks on the CANTERRA SEEDS Behind the Seeds Blog, learn more about the Rooted in the Prairies Project here.

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