Playground is Funded Thanks to $1,500 donation from Rooted in the Prairies Project

Pictured: Candace Reinbold, Territory Manager for CANTERRA SEEDS and Simon Lavoie of Lavoie Ventures Ltd.

Kids everywhere are drawn to their local playground. The place where their imagination has no limits. Where monkey bars are the branches of the tallest trees in the jungle, sandboxes are the quicksand only they can escape and the play structure is the castle of their kingdom.

The playground serves much more than a child’s creativity – it acts as a meeting place to play with old friends and make new ones. 

The Centre Culturel de St-Isidore of St-Isidore, Alberta, has been actively looking for funds to build a playground in their community. Knowing this, Simon Lavoie of Lavoie Ventures Ltd., nominated the centre to receive a $1,500 donation from the Rooted in the Prairies Project.

“The centre is responsible for the operation of the community hall, and they also organize social events, youth programs, activities and a French winter carnival,” says Lavoie. “They’re always looking for money to help run the programs and add a playground in the community.”

As with all towns, residents like Lavoie are what transform them into a community. Lavoie himself serves St-Isidore as a volunteer firefighter, winter carnival board member, and is always there to lending a helping hand.

“Everyone is friendly and willing to do anything to help the community,” says Lavoie. “It makes me incredibly proud to live in St-Isidore.”

CANTERRA SEEDS’ Rooted in the Prairies Project supports local non-profit organizations nominated by the agriculture community across Western Canada. Now in its second year, the project has more than doubled its investment with seventeen worthy causes across the Prairies selected for assistance in 2022.

All winners from the Rooted in the Prairies Project will be featured in coming weeks on the CANTERRA SEEDS Behind the Seeds Blog, learn more about the Rooted in the Prairies Project here.

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