Rooted in the Prairies Project – a look at our 2023 donations

Pictured above: Katharyn Houston, CANTERRA SEEDS Territory Manager, Don Neufeld and Warren Hunter

CANTERRA SEEDS' Rooted in the Prairies Project, initiated in 2021, is a project that aims to support local organizations nominated by the agricultural community in Western Canada, with a focus on giving back to the communities that played a pivotal role in our success. Having originated in the Prairies, our commitment to this region is unwavering. Now going into its fourth year, the Rooted in the Prairies Project has significantly increased its contributions, with cumulative donations exceeding $500,000, reinforcing our dedication to making a positive impact on local communities in Western Canada.

In 2023, we donated to the following community projects:

  • Broken Arrow Youth Ranch, Wood Mountain, SK
  • Ituna School Community Council, Ituna, SK
  • Kelvington Community Grow Project, Kelvington, SK
  • Clive Ag Society, Clive, AB
  • Dinsmore AGT Memorial Arena, Dinsmore, SK
  • Crossborders Community Project, Kola, MB
  • Cabri District Lions Club, Cabri, SK
  • Holden Rural Academy Society, Holden, AB
  • Wetaskiwin Agricultural Society, Wetaskiwin, AB

The donations result in a combined total of $226,636 dollars.

Russel Wildeman presents a $11,050 cheque to the Clive Ag Society 

These local community projects are nominated for various reasons: whether it be to upgrade a local community hall that serves as a social hub for its residents, upgrade a rink that houses the future generation of athletes, or a project that contributes to bigger organizations to help fight national and global issues. The one common goal of all these projects is to create unity and help make their communities stronger, and CANTERRA SEEDS is honoured to be a part of that.

For the past 40 years, the Cross Borders Community Project in Kola, MB, led by Don Neufeld and his team, have been planting a 250-acre piece of land, with the entire proceeds from the crops harvested being donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Last year alone, their cultivation of 14 bags of CS4000 LL canola — donated by CANTERRA SEEDS — combined with other supplier contributions, resulted in a generous donation of $100,000 to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

“Our primary focus is feeding the hungry,” says Neufeld, “but the second one is trying to bridge the disconnect between the urban and rural communities, because urban kids have no idea where their food comes from, or [how it’s grown]. We are trying to involve everybody so they can see what food production looks like.”

In Cabri, SK, the Cabri District Lions club organized 310 acres of durum to be planted — a portion of this being CANTERRA SEEDS’ AAC Congress durum — and put the proceeds from the harvest towards a list of various causes, such as supplying an X-ray machine to a local health unit, assisting refugees of the Ukraine war, and donating to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

“It’s amazing for us to have that support from different corporations,” says Callum Sullivan of the Lions Club. “It really helps us to generate more profit in our project that in turn helps people who need it.”

CANTERRA SEEDS’ is proud of what was accomplished in 2023, and we look forward to supporting even more local projects, whose efforts, along with their many partners and volunteers, help better their local and international communities.

Does an organization in your community need help with funding? Request CANTERRA SEEDS to invest with a monetary donation or sponsorship under our Rooted in the Prairies Project banner. Funding is open until December 31, 2024 or until available funds have been distributed.

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