Rooted in the Prairies Project Helps Grow Care for Kids

Picture above: Bill Jackson and son seeding CS4000 LL canola for their Rooted in the Prairies Project cause.

The town of Minto, Manitoba, has a bit of a good news problem – the town’s daycare facility has only 16 spots available but over 25 families sharing them from around the local area.

Good news because any time we can talk about growing families in rural Canada is a good thing, and even better because Bill Jackson, of BFWA Jackson Farms, nominated Mini Mustang Corral Daycare for the Rooted in the Prairies Project to help cover some of the costs of its relocation and expansion.

“The daycare has been in a converted house for close to 20 years and has decided it was time to get a new location,” says Jackson. “They are in the middle of renovating what was the restaurant in town with a price tag of $300,000 plus.”

Jackson has been on the local recreation board for 18 years and a volunteer firefighter for 15 and says that when the community of less than 100 residents faces challenges, they tackle them head on.

“Everyone pulls together and works for a common goal,” says Jackson. “This is going to be very much appreciated in the area, not just by the families looking for childcare.”

Jackson had the option to accept a cash donation, but the veteran farmer instead opted to amplify his request by planting 20 acres of CS4000 LL canola and donate all the proceeds from the harvest to the daycare (total amount TBD).

CANTERRA SEEDS’ Rooted in the Prairies Project supports local non-profit organizations nominated by the agriculture community across Western Canada. Now in its second year, the project has more than doubled its investment with seventeen worthy causes across the Prairies selected for assistance this year.

All winners from the Rooted in the Prairies Project will be featured in coming weeks on the CANTERRA SEEDS Behind the Seeds Blog, learn more about the Rooted in the Prairies Project here.

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