What’s New in the Field in 2024 - CANTERRA SEEDS Experimentals

As we step into Plant ‘24, CANTERRA SEEDS continues its commitment to farmers by offering high-yielding canola hybrids and pedigreed varieties that thrive in our diverse environmental conditions. Our 2024 Experimentals will be tested throughout Western Canada so that we can ensure to continue to offer the very best in seed.  


Our focus remains on providing you canola hybrids with the best agronomic mix, combining yield potential, disease resistance, and straight-cut options. 

Part of our commitment to ensuring we are bringing the best options to farmers is testing new hybrids on a large scale across different environments throughout Western Canada and the US. Thanks to our farmer customers and retail partners, we have over 100 trials planned for 2024. These trials allow our customers and our team to evaluate and get to know potential new hybrids (and current ones) in their local geographies.

CANTERRA SEEDS is excited to test five new LibertyLink® experimental canola hybrids this season with plans to launch the top performing hybrid(s) in time for Spring 2025.

Experimental Code Herbicide Tolerance Clubroot Resistance Days to Maturity (vs. WCC/RRC checks) Pod Shatter Score*
CS EXP 24-1 LL R - Gen 1 & 2 -1.2 6+
CS EXP 24-2 LL R - Gen 1 & 2 -0.6 7+ PodProtectTM
CS EXP 24-3 LL R - Gen 1 & 2 -0.4 6+
CS EXP 24-4 LL R - Gen 1 & 2 +0.7 7+ PodProtectTM
CS EXP 24-5 LL R - Gen 1 & 2 +1.3 7+ PodProtectTM

*Pod Shatter scores are subject to change as we collect more data prior to commercialization and may vary based on your environment and farming practices.

New! CS3300 TF** Launching for Plant ‘25 

In addition to testing five new LibertyLink® hybrids this summer, CANTERRA SEEDS is excited to announce the launch of CS3300 TF**. This TruFlex® canola hybrid has exceptional yield performance combined with early maturity, at about 0.7 days earlier than our early-maturing CS2600 CR-T. CS3300 TF** features our PodProtectTM trait which provides excellent pod shatter protection, and is rated as a 7+ on the Canola Council Shatter Scale.  

  • PodProtectTM 
  • Clubroot resistance 
  • Blackleg resistance 
  • Early-season hybrid 

This high-performing TruFlex® hybrid is being extensively trialled and tested throughout Western Canada this summer and will be available for purchase for 2025. To get an early look at it, contact your local Territory Manager this summer!

**Registration pending.

Cereals, Pulses and Specialty Products

CANTERRA SEEDS has included 13 experimental pedigreed products (EXPs) for 2024, covering wheat, lentils, white oats, spring triticale and canary seed. These EXPs are either newly licensed varieties awaiting official naming, or varieties that CANTERRA SEEDS is trialling for potential future acquirement.

During the 2024 Prairie Grain Development Committee (PGDC) meetings, both Limagrain Cereals Research Canada (LCRC) and the Limagrain Cereal Seeds/Saskatchewan Pulse Grower partnership made significant strides, garnering support for over a dozen varieties of wheat and pulses. Specifically, their efforts resulted in the approval of 7 wheat, 5 lentil, and 1 yellow pea varieties. CANTERRA SEEDS' ongoing partnership with LCRC and interest in pulses allow for acquirement of top-quality products coming from these programs and we have included some of them in this year's trialling program.

The 2024 lineup includes the following EXP products:

Name Crop Type Class Breeding Institution Top Feature
LAR19-22198 Spring Wheat  CWRS  Solid stem, short strong straw
LAR19-23455 Spring Wheat  CWRS  High yield, premium quality
LAR19-23465 Spring Wheat  CWRS  High yield, widely adapted
6928-5 Lentils  Small Red      Very high yield 
7026-13 Lentils  Small Red      High yield
7208-34 Lentils  Small Red      Very high yield
C16057 Canary Seed Yellow Very high yield, yellow groat
OT4021  White Oat Milling High yield, short stature, high beta-glucan
OT4022 White Oat Milling High yield, short stature
OT4023 White Oat Milling Very high yield, high beta-glucan
OT4024 White Oat Milling High yield, early maturity
EXP 209 Spring Triticale Silage/Grain High yield, forage quality
EXP 220 Spring Triticale Silage/Grain High yield, forage quality


Join us on a tour in the field this summer to take a closer look at some of these EXP's and other CANTERRA SEEDS products. If you would like to schedule a tour, contact your local CANTERRA SEEDS Territory Manager.

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