The LibertyLink® trait provides an alternative herbicide tolerance system for farmers who want to control glyphosate-tolerant or other tough weeds with Liberty® Herbicide. CANTERRA SEEDS flagship LibertyLink® canola hybrid CS4000 LL is a mid-maturing variey with excellent yield potential and a solid genetic package. Read more about the great attributes CS4000 LL can bring to your farm below.

LibertyLink Canola

Benefits of Including LibertyLink® Canola in Your Rotation

Effective Weed Control

LibertyLink® canola hybrids grown on the Prairies and Peace Region are tolerant to Liberty® Herbicide, providing control of over 35 broadleaf and grassy weed species along with volunteer crops.

Excellent Yield Potential

In 11 independent trials planted across the Prairies, CS4000 LL from CANTERRA SEEDS averaged 101.3% of InVigor® L233P’s yield, winning 55% of the head-to-head trials.

Mid-Maturity, straight-cut option

CS4000 LL is a mid-maturing hybrid, making it a good fit for all growing regions. It also offers harvest flexibility as a straight-cut option.

Backed by Strong Genetics

CS4000 LL has a strong agronomic package including excellent disease resistance. It is clubroot resistant with 1st generation resistance to pathotypes 2F, 3H, 5I, 6M, and 8N, and also contains multigenic, strong R resistance to blackleg.

Straight Cut Potential
Clubroot Resistance
CS4000 LL
111.4% of
Dekalb DKTFLL 21 SC
Yes R Mid R Med/Tall
CS3200 TF
New Sold Out.
103.4% of
Dekalb DK901TF
Yes R Mid/Full R-C Med/Tall
CS3100 TF
104.9% of
Dekalb DKTF 99 SC
Yes R Full R-AE2 Med/Tall
CS3000 TF
106.8% of
Croplan CP22T1C
Yes R Mid R-AG Short
CS2600 CR-T
103.0% of
Yes R Early R-C Medium
CS2700 CL
100.8% of
Pioneer P508MCL
No R Mid R-AE2 Medium
CS2800 CL
101.7% of
CS2700 CL
No R Full R-AFG Med/Tall

* Yield data is based on independent trials. Click through to see each trial's results.

Trait Legend

TruFlex® canola with Roundup Ready® Technology
Clearfield® Production System
Roundup Ready® canola
LibertyLink® canola

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