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The Story of CANTERRA SEEDS: From Seed to Company

Original CANTERRA SEEDS founders

In the spring of 1996, the vision and work of nine seed growers from Western Canada came to fruition with the launch of CANTERRA SEEDS. That vision was founded on the principle of selecting and securing the best genetics for Western Canada, and keeping them in the hands of seed growers and farmers.

That original group of nine seed growers from each of the three Prairie provinces (three per province) eventually grew to over 150 seed grower shareholders. With the addition of canola, corn and soybeans to the company’s portfolio of seed, CANTERRA SEEDS would partner with local and international seed breeding programs and cast a wider net in the mission to bring the best of the best to Prairie farmers.

Now, 25 years later, some of our founding fathers share the story of our company’s roots and celebrate the seed of an idea…

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Henry Vos

Founding Shareholder

A made-in-Canada opportunity for seed growers to be involved in the acquisition and distribution of varieties was at the root of the founding of CANTERRA SEEDS. Henry shares how opportunity turned into success.

Ken Nelson

Founding Shareholder

The idea of CANTERRA SEEDS was first germinated by Ken, who also knew that great ideas need great people to grow. Principle and purpose were at the root of that idea, as told by Ken.

Vince Walker

Founding Shareholder

When nine seed growers gathered in Saskatoon to hear Ken Nelson’s vision for CANTERRA SEEDS, no one knew where opportunity would take the company. Vince shares his pride in having been a part of the journey.

Carl Veikle

Founding Shareholder

If something is worth doing, it is worth taking the time to do it right. Carl shares his story of the early days of turning an idea into a company.

Fred Greig

Founding Shareholder

Inclusivity and teamwork were at the root of launching CANTERRA SEEDS, and Fred shares his recollection of those early years and the importance of staying true to those roots.

David Kaun

Founding Shareholder

The role of the seed grower in the seed business was changing and our company founders saw a need for a new seed company with a new philosophy. David shares that story.

Max Polon

Founding Shareholder

CANTERRA SEEDS is rooted in Western Canada, but the company cast a wide net to secure the best genetics for farmers on the Prairies. Max talks of the importance of partnerships to the company.

Dave Sippell

Former CEO

As one of the new company’s first employees, Dave helped move the idea of CANTERRA SEEDS into a business. Seed grower shareholders were critical to that launch; Dave tells us why.

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