Ten Worthy Projects Benefit from CANTERRA SEEDS-Led Rooted in the Prairies Project

To celebrate 25 years in the seed business in 2021, CANTERRA SEEDS asked its seed grower shareholders and farmers to nominate a cause dear to their hearts to receive one of ten $2,500 donations from the company’s Rooted in the Prairies Project.

“Our seed growers, farmer customers and seed retailers are an integral part of our company and their communities,” says David Hansen, CANTERRA SEEDS President and CEO. “The Rooted in the Prairies Project was one way we could thank them and support their communities the way they’ve supported us for the last 25 years.”

Nominating shareholders were also given the option to either match or amplify the donation. If they chose to amplify, the $2,500 donation was given in their choice of seed, and the total profits from the harvest were donated instead.

Todd Moroz, CEO and Director of Ministry and Outreach at Broken Arrow Youth Ranch, received over $68,000 after their initial donation was amplified by Petruic Seed Company through the Bushels for Broken Arrow project.

“We can’t thank the farmers enough for their sacrifice and generosity. Without them, we couldn’t exist,” says Moroz. “We feel honoured to have been chosen for this this year.”

Including amplified and matched donations, the Rooted in the Prairies Project donated over $161,000 in total to the following organizations:

“We are beyond grateful for the donation,” says Dana Ward, President of the RE/MAX Curling Club in Wadena, SK. “The money from the donation will be going toward some much-needed upgrades in our club and help out with some lost revenue after being shut down due to Covid-19.”

Hansen believes that sharing the stories behind these causes was just as important as the initial donation.

“In a lot of cases, the nominating farmers were already longtime supporters of these causes,” says Hansen. “We’re just thankful for the opportunity to give back to these communities and amplify their stories.”

For more details on CANTERRA SEEDS' 25th anniversary and the Rooted in the Prairies Project, visit

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